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ISBN: 978-0-12-814996-6
Advances and Applications of Partitioning Bioreactors, Volume 54, presents an updated reference in the field of partitioning bioreactors, addressing the relevance of kinetic determination, cell deactivation and transport phenomena from an engineering point-of-view. Topics covered in this new release include Mass transport phenomena in partitioning bioreactors, Modelling and design of partitioning bioreactors, Population balances for partitioning bioreactors, Solid-liquid partitioning bioreactors for industrial wastewater treatment, Multiphase bioreactors in the Food Industry, Multiphase bioreactors in the pharmaceutical industry, Biological treatment of gas pollutants in partitioning bioreactors, Hydrocarbon biodegradation using airlift bioreactors, and more.

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Chemosphere is an international journal designed for the publication of original communications and review articles. As a multidisciplinary journal, Chemosphere offers broad and impactful dissemination of investigations related to all aspects of environmental science and engineering.
Impact factor: 5.108 (Q1 JCR rank).

Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology
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Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology (JCTB) is an international, inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal concerned with the application of scientific discoveries and advancements in chemical and biological technology that aim towards economically and environmentally sustainable industrial processes.
Impact factor: 2.659 (Q2 JCR rank).

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Biodegradation publishes papers, reviews and mini-reviews on the biotransformation, mineralization, detoxification, recycling, amelioration or treatment of chemicals or waste materials by naturally-occurring microbial strains, microbial associations, or recombinant organisms.
Impact factor: 2.534 (Q2 JCR rank).

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The Journal publishes original research articles, reviews, adapted and/or expanded case reports with a multidisciplinary perspective, and editorials in: Modern Biotechnology; Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology; Bioinformatics; Bioeconomics and Health Policy; Intellectual Property Protection in the field of biotechnological and allied products.
Impact factor: 1.097 (Q4 JCR rank).

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The Journal is being led by a team of Editors from the flagship Elsevier's Environmental Science titles such as Chemosphere, Environmental Pollution, Environment International, Environmental Researchand Science of the Total Environment and is committed to offering the same editorial excellence.
Impact factor: Soon available